League of Legends

In League of Legends, there are 151 champions in the game that you can use to play the game. In the beginning you can choose from from 5 different kind of characters, and later on in the game you will earn something called Blue essence which will let you by characters from the shop. If you use money in this game you may buy skins for the characters. When you play you use the mouse to click and move and attack. To use special moves you have to use q, w, e, and r.


Fizz is the tidal trickster. For Fizz, q let him dash into the enemy or dash away from the enemy, w is used to make the triden stronger, e is when Fizz jumps on his trident when you use e once and then when you press e again it will move you to the part were your cursor is, and r is when Fizz shots something to the enemy and then the enemy becomes slower and a shark will come out dealing damage and stopping the enemy.


Akali is the rogue assasin. For Akali, q is for shooting knives at the enemy, w is used for a smoke so that Akali can hide, e is for shooting s shurkien to the enemy and when you press e again in time you dash to the enemy and deal a lot of damage, and r is a when Akali dashes right to the enemy.

Nunu and Willump

Nunu and Willump is a girl, which is Nunu, and Willump yeti. Nunu and Willump's q ability is when Willump bites the enemy, dealing damage and healing themselves, the w si for make a snowball and make the enemies freeze for a few second, e is for shooting snowballs at enemies, and r is when Willump makes a blizzard which will slow the enemies down and dealing damage


Zed is the master of shadows. For Zed, q is for throwing a shurkien, w is for creating a shadow that copys the move and switches place, e is for slashing enemies, and r is when shadows and Zed dashes to the enemy and makes a mark and then will deal damage.

Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is the bounty hunter. Miss Fortune's q fires a cannon ball at the enemy, w is when Miss Fortuen doesn't take damage for 5 seconds and then increase speed, e is when Miss Fortune rains bullets on the circle the the person aimed at, and r fires waves of bullets at the enemy.